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General Document-by-Document Evaluation
Contains recommendations with a full list of your credentials with US equivalents for each diploma and/or certificate, indicating the period of attendance, name of institution and year awarded.

May be used for Education, Employment, Immigration when transfer of credits is not required.

Detailed Course-by-Course Evaluation
Secondary High School:
Contains recommendations with a full list of original documents and their US equivalents, indicating the period of attendance, name of institution and year awarded. It recommends grades as required by US institutions.


Higher Education Institutions:
Report provides recommendation of US equivalents for academic credentials with itemized list of all academic studies and courses completed with credits. Identifies courses level for each Post-secondary course (Associate Degree, Lower or Upper division Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional levels). It recommends credits, grades and grade point averages (GPA) as required by US institutions.


Detailed Course-by-Course Report required for college and university admissions and when, credits and Grade Point Averages are transferred in specific subject areas.

May be used for Further Education, Employment, Immigration.


Standard Processing Time:
Standard turn-around time is 10 business days. Completed evaluation will be mailed by regular USPS first class mail within 10 business days from the day NAEG has received your application, all required documents and a full payment.


NAEG reserves the right to extend processing time if additional research or verification of submitted documents needed to complete processing and during busy college admission periods.


Standard (unofficial) Translations:
Currently NAEG can provide translation from the following languages: Armenian,  Byelorussian,  Czech,  Estonian,  Finnish,  French,  German,  Italian,  Portuguese,  Russian,  Swedish,  Spanish,  Ukrainian  

NAEG Standard Translation Services are rendered only as supplementary to evaluation of academic documentation. If you need a separate Notarized Translation please see information below.


Notarized Translation:
Requires a separate written request. Not all languages listed above available for notarized translations. Please call 1-888-539-2804 for consultation and details.
Standard turn-around time is 10 to 15 business days.


Pricing Policy for Standard Processing:


General Document by Document Evaluation


Detailed Course-by-Course Evaluation


Detailed Evaluation for Professional Licensure


Additional copy of Report ordered with initial application


Translation (per each degree/transcript) *


* Price valid only if ordered with Evaluation; does not provide separate copy of translated document


Additional Services:


Express Evaluation (mailed within 2 business days) **


Overnight delivery to US/Canada **


Priority Mail with tracking to US/Canada **


International regular US mail **


International Express mail **


** All prices are in addition to Standard Processing


Additional copy of Report:

  (ordered after completion of initial order)

First copy of Report


Each consecutive copy of the same Report


Pricing Policy for Notarized Translation:


Translation of diploma/degree certificate only


Translation of diploma/degree with the transcript

  All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Important Information:
All services conducted by mail. When additional information is required, NAEG will contact applicant within 10 business days via mail, e-mail or by phone.

If you do not have all required academic records, please provide educational history in chronological order with dates starting at secondary school. If there are gaps in attendance please indicate and provide explanation.

NAEG reserves the right to reject application if supplied documents do not provide necessary information to produce fair and accurate evaluation.

Evaluation will be denied and/or reports recalled with no refunds if any document submitted for evaluation will be deemed altered, forged, falsified or tampered with in any way. In addition all interested parties will be notified


Dear student,
NAEG is dedicated to providing you with
the most accurate, comprehensive and fast
service at lowest cost possible.

Thank you
for selecting NAEG.

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