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Application For Credential Evaluation
Why do you need to have your credentials evaluated?

A person educated outside US can request academic credentials evaluated to US equivalents for a variety of reasons:

1 For educational purposes:

Academic recognition is required for individuals who are seeking entry to a US educational institution. US education is one of the most widely recognized around the world. Students who wish to study in US need to present educational records in an appropriate format.

2 For employment:

Professional recognition is important for entry to the labor market because the US employers are unfamiliar with different documents representing foreign qualifications. US economy is largest and strongest in the world with a wide range of employment opportunities located not only in the US, but all over the world. To explore these opportunities you must have a certified US equivalent of your education.

3 For immigration:

Whether you are applying for temporary or permanent residence your application will gain credibility with correct reference to your educational background.





Remember � Decisions will be made based on the information you present. Do not leave room for errors. Reliable evidence of your academic background will help you to achieve your goals.